About Our Stats

What are we up to?

  • 01 UPDATES

    Stats are updated every day. We update out stats a couple of days in advance. So stats for Wednesday will be posted on Monday night etc.

  • 02 STATS

    The matches are automatically sorted by best stats averages from the next 3 days. You can easily sort and filter the data by your own preferences.

  • 03 Calculations

    We don’t include friendly matches – only competitions games (league, cup matches) for our stats. Our unique formulas work magic 😀

  • 04 Display

    The stats tables are quite wide and are best displayed on desktop and tablet devices. However, you will still be able to check them on the go on your mobile phone.

Find the best stats for your soccer bets and trades in seconds!

No need to check hundreds of stats manually looking for the best stats anymore!

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    Press on a header on the top of the tables and the content will sort automatically e.g. highest stats, earlier Kick off etc.
    TIP: Hold SHIFT whilst pressing multiple headers e.g. Date + SHIFT + KO and the matches will be sorted by date and then by time.

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    Use the filters below the table to filter the stats for desired data. For example, type “England” in the country column and you will see matches only from England. Type in “Ligue 1” in the competition column and the table will display matches from Ligue 1 only.
    TIP: Choose your desired date in the filter below the Date column to see matches from that chosen day.

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    Stats are great, but may not be enough to scoop all those winners. Who needs stats, if the star players are rested, the whole team has food poisoning or there is an earthquake forecast for the KO time?! 😛
    Do your homework and results will follow.

  • How to use the trends? Try these cheats! 🙂
  • For 100% H2H Trends: Click on ‘H2H%’ Header, press and hold SHIFT and click ‘H2H no’
  • For Max 8 H2H Trends: Click on ‘H2H No’ Header, press and hold SHIFT and click ‘H2H %’
  • Just try sorting (click on headers of the table) when holding SHIFT and you will find your way around!
  • Use the filters boxes for quick search: e.g. matches for today, Bundesliga, Australia etc.
  • The last column (AVG) is from our stats and indicates how good statistically the pick is.

Over 3.5 Goals H2H Trends

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Under 3.5 Goals H2H Trends

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