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As services we understand our membership packages to stats, trends and tips. Anyone over 18 years old (or equivalent of one’s country’s gambling regulations and restrictions age) can subscribe.

Permitted Use

Our stats, trends and tips models are for personal use only. It takes a lot of time, resources and financial expenses to keep our services running.
Distributing or sharing our content without our permission is prohibited. Anyone found breaking this rule will have their account and subscription immediately cancelled without any refunds! If you require our data models for commercial use,
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The stats, trends and tips are updated on the daily basis. On some occasions the content may not be available due to technical difficulties such as lack of internet or electricity, hardware or software failure, personal absences and other reasons. In case of technical difficulties on our site i.e. not being able to provide the services we will extend your subscription time accordingly.


Gambling involves risk. It is up to individual to make informed decisions on bets and trades, with or without assistance of our products and services. No guarantees are made with regard to results or financial gain. We cannot be held responsible for any losses or wins incurred as a result of using our products or services.


We don’t offer refunds. It costs a lot of money to run and maintain our services and we have experienced abuse of our services in the past. Please subscribe only and only if you are happy with the FREE content. By using the FREE stats, you will have a better idea of what to expect in paid subscription service as it extends the stats to more markets.